Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Wedding Days - How Quickly The Time Passes

I still can't believe that nearly a year later, I actually got married. I have been waiting for that day all of my life and it was all over so quickly that it seems crazy to think it has happened.

It was Truely the happiest day of my life so far but I worry that I'm going to forget it all too quickly.

I do sometimes feel a bit sad that I'll never be a bride again and that is won't get to wear my beautiful dress, but who says you can't have an anniversary 3 or 4 years down the line where you wear it for the day! Or gather up all your friends and declare your love for each other again 10 years down the line.

Looking back I really wish I had been blogging before I got married.  When I look at Jo's lovely blog posts about her wedding it reminds me how excited I was and how I wish I had captured this more. It was such a wonderful wonderful time in the run up to the wedding and I really didn't embrace it enough.

About 6 months before the wedding I read in one of the magazines that keeping a diary for the Month running up to the wedding is a good Idea. It's all such a blur and everything is so hectic that it's very easy to forget all the azmaing times you had. After the hen do 6 weeks before the wedding, everything just whizzed by. 

Obviously when it got to a week before the wedding I suddenly remembered about this good idea for the diary and then I was a bit late!

I have spent nearly a whole year being a wife and it does make you feel different.  I have read a lot of blogs and articles about relationships and marriage over the last year to see what people think about making marriages work and working as a team with this partner that you now have committed yourself to.

I expect the next few months will be full of relationship contemplations, life as a wife, marriage and reminiscing about our wonderul wedding.

I can't wait to share x

Monday, 10 March 2014

Grown up!

Sometimes I feel there I things I want to share but I'm never really sure if here is the right platform. I am always so inspired when blogs I read are open and honest about things they experience (like 'cup of Jo') but I'm also wary about being too open and honest....well maybe that should change.

Do you ever feel like your not really grown up enough? I'm 27, about to turn 28, and I really don't feel grown up.  I'm married and we are going to buy a house and start a family but I don't feel grown up in myself. Is that something that never really changes?

What is it that makes us grown up do you think? I drink coffee and red wine pretty much every day. I do the cooking and have a career, but when I look in the mirror I see me at 18. I never look as grown up as other people who are approaching 30, maybe it's because I'm a bit fat and short, or maybe it's because you never really see yourself as grown up.

My granny used to say to me that her mind still felt the same when she was 86 as it did when she was 18, so maybe we never really grow up?