Monday, 12 May 2014

Spring Must Haves

I love spring.  I love the idea of opening up the windows and doors and letting the light shine in.  I love the fact that it always feels like a time for cleaning away the cobwebs and getting rid of everything you have hoarded over the winder months.

I love a house and wardrobe clear out, but then it's also nice to bring some new goodies in.  Here are some bits that I'm loving and that I'm hoping will take me nicely into the summer months;

Fab spring/summer crockery for when the weather gets slightly nicer and we can start eating outside (above).

I've had a bit of a thing about Globes for a while, and still lusting over getting me own.  I'm loving the spring colours of this Globe.

I was travelling through London last week and popped in to Oliver Bonas in Victoria station.  I got my hands on this gorgeous Oliver Bonas Ring for only £10.

Since knowing that we were off to France for our anniversary I've falled in love with these Boden Breton tops, and now have a yellow and navy one in the wardrobe.  Perfect with jeans, but also nice tucked into a high wasted skirt for work.

So so chuffed with this Meringue Girls Cookbook for my birthday and really nice to get some lovely summery recipes to move through the seasons....out with crumble and custard, in with meringue and fruit!

I've been lusting over a classic pair of Converse for a while, just saving up my pennies.

Sunday, 11 May 2014


I may have mentioned once or twice that I recently got the Meringue Girls Cookbook.  I'm loving it so much, mainly because they are actually super easy to make, and also because they are unbelievably tasty!

This weekend I decided to try my hand at a couple of different flavours; chocolate with crunchy topping, and raspberry with pink sugar topping.

I used the same technique as last time for the raspberry ones, meaning they came out very circular and delicate looking.  I sprinkled on the sugar before cooking and let them cook away for about an hour.

I used much more of a rough, 'dollop' technique for the chocolate ones, meaning they were much bigger and a bit more rustic looking.

Very pleased with the result of both and took some samples to my friend Jo and her son gobbled up 3, so I'm pretty sure I got the thumbs up from him.

p.s. thanks for featuring me on your blog Jo x