Monday, 30 March 2015

Becoming a Mummy

On Friday 23rd May, only 4 days after posting about wanting to start a family, I found out I was pregnant - maybe I knew!

A mixture of fear, shock, and dread ran through me initially, as this certainly wasn't the plan for the next year or 2.

But I am so thoroughly delighted to say that on 30th January at 10:37 G and I welcomed our beautiful little boy Noah into our family.  I have now become one of those people who has become consumed by all things baby!

After a pretty good pregnancy, a trapped sciatic nerve for the last 2 weeks (meaning I was totally house bound), a pretty easy, drug free labour, and 8 weeks getting to grips with being a mummy, I want to start blogging again.

I absolutely adore being a mummy. I feel I  have learnt so much already and am looking forward to sharing it with you.

Bon Bebe

My sister sent me a link to a fab baby website that I had never heard of before, Vertbaudet

I am dying to try some of their bits and bobs. Loving the European style to the cute little bits, and it's not too ridiculously priced.

Noah will most certainly be wearing some uber cool things from here!

Baby Bag - Storksak Surprise

Just before Christmas my sister surprised me with this gorgeous Storksak Tote bag for the baby.  I was really keen to have a bag that looked like a handbag and not like a big clumpy baby bag.  

I knew that as someone who always carries a massive handbag, this would contain as much for me as it would for the baby.

I was delighted with this bag and even better she had stocked it with loads of newborn essentials which have come in super handy.

The bag comes with a changing matt and definitely enough pockets to keep your stuff separate from baby's.  There is an insulated pocket on the outside for a bottle and loops on the strap for attaching to your pram.